GR-N16 Polycarboxylate – 081235306266 (WA)

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This product is a new ether polycarboxylate water-reducing mother liquor.By adding a small amount of additives and centrifugal drying spray, it forms high flow powder. It features with uniform particles, low water content, good solubility. It can be used in water conservancy, electricity, railways, marine, roads, buildings and other concrete pouring, key or all types of dry mortar, grout, plaster products, ceramic products and so on.

1、  Product Performance

  1. Wide adaptation scope:not only used in cement-based materials, but also gypsum-based materials,strong adaptability to various kinds of organic additives, such as water-soluble polymer, dispersible polymer powders has little effect on this product.
  2. High water reducing rate:make the mortar water reducing rate of more than 20%, greatly improving the fluidity of the mortar under the condition of same water content in mortar.
  3. Early strength and high strength:
  4. High durability:Reduce mortar water-cement ratio, improve durability, reduce shrinkage and variations, reduce post-curing mortar shrinkage cracking.
  5. Green Environmental Production: The production process does not produce pollution of the natural environment; in line with ISO14000 International Environmental Management Standard.
  6. 2、Technical indicators

3、 Using the methods and precautions

  1. Recommended dosage of this product is 0.1%-0.4%, users should get the best dosage by experiments to achieve the best technical and economic benefits.
  2. The powdery product requirements appropriately extended mixing time
  3. This product requires first mixed with cement or gypsum materialevenly and then adding water.
  4. Storageshould avoid overlying or weight, in order to avoid agglomeration, storage temperature should be lower than 40 ℃.
  5. After open the pakage, it should be sealed to prevent damp agglomerate.
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