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GR-N17 Polypropylene Fibers – 081235306266 (WA)

Polypropylene fiber, also known as engineering fibers, concrete fiber, fiber cracking, cracking or synthetic fibers, plastic fibers, etc. It takes polypropylene as the main raw material to form high intensity beam of fibers with unique production process. Adding it into concrete or mortar can effectively control the micro cracks caused by concrete (mortar) solid plastic shrinkage, drying shrinkage, temperature change and other factors. It can prevent and inhibit the formation and development of cracks, greatly improve crack resistance of concrete impermeability, improve impact and seismic can be widely used in bridge and road (highway and airport runway) overcoat, variety of applications in mining and tunnel construction, rail, high-rise buildings, fixed prevention facilities of scope, concrete repair, industrial civil engineering roof, walls, basement, pool and roof garden waterproofing works, all kinds of precast concrete products.

First  Product Performance

  1. Prevent the shrinkage crack of mortar
  2. Improve the impact strength of the wall and peel resistance:

l Improve the wear resistance of the wall

l Improve the impermeability of the wall

l Improve resistance to freezing and thawing

  1. Improve the ability of reinforcement protection

l Prevent dry mortar and crack propagation

l Replaced ( plaster) steel mesh

  1. Easy to disperse in mortar or concrete, easy to agglomerate, effectively guarantee anti-cracking performance;
  2. More conducive to hang ash, because of the larger  fiber fineness, and evenly distributed in the mortar.
  3. Easy to use, no need to change the mortar and concrete rate
  4. Stable fiber and chemical properties, strong acid and alkali resistance, it can be applied to any project.

Third Using the methods and precautions

  1. The recommended mortar dosage is 0.9-1.2Kg/sqm

 the recommended concrete dosage is 0.9-1.8Kg/sqm

  1. According to the volume for each of the mixing concrete and the requirements for mixture ratio (or recommend production), correctly calculate the weight of the fibers for each time.

l After ready preparation of sand and gravel, then put fibers into them. Recommend use compulsory mixer.

l Put aggregate unicom fiber into mixer, but must pay attention to dry mix for about 30 seconds. Add cement and water, wet mix about 30 seconds, so that the fibers can sufficiently disperse.

  1. Random sampling after stirring, if the fiber has evenly dispersed into monofilament, then the concrete can be put into use. If there is still a bundle of fibers, extend mixing time for 20-30 seconds, thenit can be used.
  2. Concrete with fibers has the same maintenance process with normal concrete construction.
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