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GR-P5 is high-performance aqueous dispersion agent, which is special designed for self-compacting concrete, high-performance concrete and precast components. GR-P5 is key ingredient in admixture of concrete.

It can improve the flowability of concrete while significantly reduce the mixing water of concrete. It has high water-reducing rate to meet the performance requirements of self-compacting concrete, high-performance concrete and precast. And it also has the function on early strength.


Typical Analysis

Natural CharacteristicsPolycarboxylic acid aqueous solution;

Appearance(20℃):light yellow to brown liquid;

Solid Content(%):  40±1%;

PH Value(20℃):  5~7;  

Proportion(20℃):1.08±0.02 ;

Chloride Content(%):<0.01 ;  

Alkali Content(%):<1.5


Features of GR-P5

²  High water-reducing rate;

²  Achieve high efficiency at low dosage;

²  Low air-entraining effect;

²  Broad adaptability with many kinds of cement;

Advantages of GX-P5

²  Improve productivity of the concrete;

²  Reduce the comprehensive cost of the concrete;

²  Improve the workability of the concrete;

²  Promote the growth of the concrete strength;

As polycarboxylates high performance water-reducing admixture, GR-P5 can be used to design high-performance admixture products.


GR-P5 is widely used in the production of self-compacting concrete, high performance concrete and various precast. It can significantly reduce the water consumption and improve the workability and early strength of the concrete.

When GR-P5 is compounded with other varieties of admixture, please pay attention on the compatibility, and it should be tested before used.

Examples of GX-P5: Product in an ready-mixed concrete mixing station, the proportion and performance of concrete are showed in following tables:

Form 1——Concrete mix proportion

Compent Qty
Cement  PⅡ 42.5R 400
Fly ash Grade  I 75
Ore S95 60
Medium sand 690
Gravel 5-20mm 1030
Water 170


Form 2——Performance

Admixture GX-P5
Solid dosage of admixture(%) 0.19
Initial slump/ Expansion degree(mm) 250/700
60min slump/ Expansion degree(mm) 255/670
Reflux time of initial slump barrel(S) 5.3
Reflux time after 60min (S) 7.1
Air content(%) 2.3
Concrete status Good parcel and softness


It can be seen from the above results that the slump degree and expansion degree of concrete formulated with GR-P5 can meet the design requirements, and the concrete shows low viscosity, flow speed and good workability, it is fully able to meet the construction requirements of self-compacting concrete.

StorageSealed storage if unused, storage temperature is 0~40℃, Storage period to maintain optimum performance is 24 months.

PackageBulk packaging of 1000/2000 kg, bucket packaging, or according to customer requirements.

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