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GR-SR retarder is an admixture of extending the coagulation of the concrete, maintaining its plasticity for a rather long period of time and thus facilitating the concrete pouring process. This product works to delay the hydration heat release rate, lower the ceiling temperature and decrease the cracks of thermal stress caused by concentrated heat release. When compounded with water reducer, it helps to reduce the loss of slump of the water reducer.

Product Performance

  1. Slowing down the hydration heat release rate, lowering the ceiling temperature and decreasing the cracks of thermal stress caused by concentrated heat release.
  2. Reducing the loss of slump of the water reducer, maintaining the plasticity or fluidity of the concrete for a rather long period of time.
  3. Aiding in the action of water reducer, especially when compounded with efficiency water reducer.
  4. Increasing the concrete strength after the temporary strength decreasing in the early stage.
  5. Particularly applicable under thermal climate conditions.

Technical Indexes

1、  homogeneous indexes

items indexes items indexes
appearance off-white powder fineness 0.315 mm sieve residue≤12%
water ratio ≤6% PH value 7-9
CL ion content None / /

2、  indexes of concrete with admixtures

tested items national standard product test results
bleeding rate (%) ≤100 ≤100
setting time (min) Initial setting ≥+90 ≥+180
compressive strength rate 7d ≥100 ≥105
28d ≥100 ≥108
shrinkage rate (%) 28d ≤135 ≤120
whether rusting the steel no no

Application and Precaution

  1. The recommended mixing amount is 0.01-0.5%. When this product is used for the first time or the cement has been changed, it is advisable for the users to conduct experiments to determine the optimal mixing amount.
  2. The mixing amount can be increased to extend the setting time, but the changing states of the concrete requires thorough estimation or experimental confirmation.
  3. This product should not be used with concrete when the daily minimum temperature is under 5℃; It also should not be used alone with hardening accelerating or steam-cured concrete.
  4. This product should be used with caution in seasons of dramatic temperature changes.
  5. Please give full consideration to the big retarding differences among varied kinds of concrete of different water-cement rations.
  6. This product should be used according to theTechnical Code for Application of Admixture in Concrete (GB50119)and other relative standards.
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